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Professor Gerd Gigerenzer
Phone:+49 30 8240-6361

Cognitive Science . Cultural Studies . Social and Behavioural Sciences

Research report 2016 - Max Planck Institute for Human Development

Informed patients through distribution of fact boxes


Gigerenzer, Gerd; Rebitschek, Felix G.


Harding-Zentrum für Risikokompetenz


Many doctors do not understand health statistics sufficiently, thus lacking basic knowledge and facts to perform crucial tasks such as properly discussing potential treatment plans with their patients. The current system of training health professionals unfortunately does not aim at rectifying this deficit. An evaluation study has proven the effectiveness of fact boxes, as developed by the Harding Center, in imparting knowledge to patients as a basis for informed decisions. Patients, doctors, and the health care system as a whole benefit from understanding the data provided by fact boxes.

For the full text, see the German version.

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