Even during the Ice Age, birds migrated between their breeding and wintering grounds

First come, first bred

In birds, timing of arrival in a breeding area influences who ends up breeding and who does not. This aspect of behaviour, well-known in migratory birds, has now been studied for the first time in a non-migratory species, the blue tit

Wildlife observation from space

The animals of our planet are constantly in motion. Some migrate thousands of kilometers; others move just a few hundred metres. Little is known about their journeys - but this should soon change thanks to the Icarus project [YouTube film] more


Mars is seismically active

February 24, 2020

Approximately 14 months after the Mars lander InSight touched down on the Red Planet, researchers present first scientific results

Interim report of the victim research project submitted to the Bavarian Parliament

February 17, 2020

Specimens and documents from the Hallervorden estate still stored at the Edinger Institute of Frankfurt University Hospital will be made available to the project

Planck Academy launched

February 18, 2020

Comprehensive offer for professional and personal career development at Max Planck

Recruitment Programs & Job Offers

Call for Applications 2020: Lise Meitner Research Groups

The MPG offers junior researchers again the possibility to apply for a position as a Leader of a Lise Meitner Research Group in all areas of science. Application deadline is March 19, 2020.

Innovative training programmes for Phd students

Talented German and foreign junior scientists are offered the opportunity to earn a doctorate under excellent research conditions

Current Job Offers

Fancy new challenges? Here you will find current vacancies of the Max Planck Society and its institutes. Find the right job for your profile


Videos and Events

Flight and trauma

Video March 15, 2018

Traumatic experiences arising from flight from war zones can lead to distressing symptoms, which impair everyday life.

The school for T Cells

Video August 17, 2017

The lamprey has no thymus gland. Max Planck scientist Thomas Böhm wants to know how it copes with bacteria and viruses.


Video May 04, 2017

In principle, almost any encryption key can be broken - all you need is the right computing power. The situation is different, however, with quantum cryptography. Gerd Leuchs is researching this encryption technology of the future.

Climate: how the earth breathes

Video February 06, 2017

Researchers understand Earth’s climate system very accurately by now. For a long time, however, an important piece of the puzzle remained very elusive - the role played by vegetation and soils.

MaxPlanck-Bristol Centre for Minimal Biology


Interfaces of matter and life are the focus of the new Max Planck Bristol Centre for Minimal Biology. Prof. Imre Berger from Bristol University explains the topic.

From the Institutes

MPI for Marine Microbiology
What Galapagos finches and marine bacteria have in common more
MPI for Ornithology, et al.
Social networks reveal dating in blue tits more
MPI for Evolutionary Anthropology, et al.
Reconstructing the diet of fossil vertebrates more
MPI for Marine Microbiology
A real global player more
MPI of Biochemistry
In the right place at the right time more
MPI for Heart and Lung Research
Receptor influences blood pressure and the development of atherosclerosis more
MPI for Marine Microbiology
Mystery of marine recycling squad solved more
MPI of Biophysics
Osmoregulation: Homeostasis is vital for bacteria more
MPI for Marine Microbiology
A snapshot of molecules in a deep-sea symbiosis more
MPI for Terrestrial Microbiology
The sleeping Sigma-Factor more
MPI for Biology of Ageing
New membranes for cellular recycling more
MPI for Chemistry
Gas Source in the Red Sea more
MPI for Medical Research
LInDA – disconnecting cells with light more
MPI for Medical Research
High-definition view of diabetes-related proteins more
MPI of Neurobiology
Shaping the social networks of neurons more
MPI for Terrestrial Microbiology
Bacteria invest in motility more
MPI for Astronomy
Heat wave signals the growth of a stellar embryo more
MPI for Astronomy
Hot gas feeds spiral arms of the Milky Way more

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