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Young men and a few women, some of them wearing German national soccer team jerseys, are sitting in a pub, apparently looking at a screen outside the picture. Some of them put their hands in front of their faces or over their heads.
The epidemiological baseline situation determines how much the corona infection increase as a result of a major event such as a European soccer championship

The dark cost of being toxic
Sequestration of plant toxins by monarch butterflies leads to reduced warning signal conspicuousness

Marriage in Minoan Crete
New archaeogenetic data allow exciting insights into the social order of the Aegean Bronze Age


Missed the 2022 Nobel Prize ceremony?

Missed the 2022 Nobel Prize ceremony?

Besides Svante Pääbo, who was awarded the Nobel Prize this year, the Nobel laureates of 2021 and 2020 were also invited to the festive celebrations on 10 December 2022. The live recording is still available on YouTube
Cell droplet research

Cell droplet research

A new hope for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases / A film about the research of Anthony Hyman, who was awarded with the Koerber Prize 2022 and the Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences 2023
Flight and trauma

Flight and trauma

Video March 18, 2022
Traumatic experiences arising from flight from war zones can lead to distressing symptoms, which impair everyday life. Now with Ukrainian subtitles
Covid-19: from vaccination to medication

Covid-19: from vaccination to medication

Three pioneering experts - Uğur Şahin, Tzachi Pilpel & Patrick Cramer - discussed the future of fighting Covid-19.on Nov 11, 2021
Optogenetics briefly explained

Optogenetics briefly explained

Optogenetics is a relatively new field that uses light to control genetically modified cells. It is based on light-activated membrane proteins, such as bacteriorhodopsin or channelrhodopsin, that are built into nerve cells
Four questions for Raisa Sherif

Four questions for Raisa Sherif

Raisa Sherif,  now a senior research fellow at Max Planck Institute for Tax Law and Public Finance, talks about her work, what advice she has for girls who want to become researchers, and the challenges of becoming a researcher.

Recruitment programs & job offers

The path to a doctorate
When it comes to training and supporting doctoral students, Max Planck institutes have a wealth of experience to call on. They cooperate closely with the universities through which the doctorates are officially awarded.

Springboard after the doctorate
You have completed your doctorate and want to qualify further for a position in science, business or society? Or you are planning to start your own company? No matter what your goal is: as long as excellent research is part of your path, the Max Planck Society is the right place for you.

Job Offers

Postdoctoral Position (m/f/d) | Bioelectrical Control of Zebrafish Fin Size

Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics, Dresden
January 27, 2023

Multiple PhD and postdoctoral researcher positions (m/f/d)

Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research, Cologne
January 27, 2023

Student Research Assistant (m/f/d) | Direct ink writing platform for HASELs

Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, Stuttgart site, Stuttgart
January 26, 2023


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Research is calling - We promote pioneers in science
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Lise Meitner Excellence Program 2021
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From the Institutes

MPI for Gravitational Physics (Hannover)
Gamma-ray eclipses shed new light on spider pulsars more
MPI for Gravitational Physics (Hannover)
New exotic creatures for the pulsar zoo more
MPI for Evolutionary Biology
Symbiosis between humans and artificial intelligence? more
MPI for Biology of Ageing
Antioxidants from mitochondria protect cells from dying more
MPI for Marine Microbiology
Turning a poison into food more
MPI for Molecular Genetics
The architecture of shattered genomes more
MPI for Terrestrial Microbiology
Creative enzymes more
MPI for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences
Brain stimulation improves athletic performance more
MPI for Evolutionary Biology
Sequential antibiotic therapy in the laboratory and in patients more
MPI for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences
The power of lines and strokes - how our brain recognises line drawings more
MPI for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences
Babies form a memory for grammatical relationships more
MPI for Gravitational Physics (Hannover)
Telling apart two types of gravitational-wave signals more
MPI of Biochemistry, et al.
An expanding life science hub for the scientists of the future more
MPI for Chemical Ecology
Maximum flexibility in deactivating mustard oil bombs more
MPI for Biology Tübingen
Nematode teeth consist of chitin more
MPI for Biology Tübingen, et al.
TGF-beta signaling pathway is more flexible than assumed more
MPI for Evolutionary Anthropology
Ancient DNA from medieval Germany tells the origin story of Ashkenazi Jews more

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