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Regional distribution of the Max Planck institutes and research institutions

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Regional distribution of the Max Planck institutes and research institutions

Max Planck Directors

Scientific Members

The Scientific Members of the Max Planck Society head the institutes. Thirty percent of them come from abroad. [more]

Max Planck Fellows

Max Planck Fellows

The new Max Planck Fellows program aims to strengthen cooperation between Max Planck institutes and universities. University teaching staff can be appointed as Max Planck Fellows for a maximum of five years, during which they also head a small research group at a Max Planck institute. The program initially envisages up to ten research groups of this kind being established over the coming three years at Max Planck institutes. [more]

Max Planck Research Groups

Annual Report: Max Planck Research Groups

Since 1969 the Max Planck Society has been supporting highly gifted young scientists by offering them the opportunity to establish a Max Planck Research Group at an MPI. The Group heads are chosen following an international call for applications and appointed by the President of the Max Planck Society. Within the Annual Report you will find a list of all Max Planck Research Groups. [more]

Max Planck Institutes


There is no such thing as "the" Max Planck Institute. In fact, the Max Planck Society operates a number of research institutions in Germany as well as abroad. These Max Planck Institutes are independent and autonomous in the selection and conduct of their research pursuits. To this end, they have their own, internally managed budgets, which can be supplemented by third party project funds. The quality of the research carried out at the institutes must meet the Max Planck Society's excellence criteria. To ensure that this is the case, the institutes' research activities undergo regular quality reviews.

The Max Planck Institutes carry out basic research in the life sciences, natural sciences and the social and human sciences. It is thus almost impossible to allocate an individual institute to one single research field: conversely, it can be the case that different Max Planck Institutes carry out research in the same subject. To orientate yourself, please choose a research area first, and then a specific research field. The table will list all MPIs meeting your selection criteria.

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