Dear fans of the Max Planck Society,

Dear fans of the Max Planck Society,

Our Facebook page is a place for our followers to interact with us and each other. To ensure that this is as enjoyable an experience as possible, and for the consideration of all users, we would kindly invite you to read and follow our netiquette guidelines.

  • Tolerance: We will not allow discrimination regarding origin, sex, religion, disability, belief, age or sexual identity.
  • Fair communication: We are happy to receive constructive criticism. Lively debate is welcome, abuse and insults are not. 
  • Topics: We do not accept posts that are completely irrelevant to our page, personal advertising or any form of commercial solicitation; indecent posts harmful to minors, as well as posts that obviously violate copyright laws. Please also make sure to protect individual rights and not to publish personal data or data of third parties.

To keep our page open to all and in the interest of all users, we reserve the right to delete comments that do not respect these guidelines at our discretion; and to block and report relevant users.

We hope you enjoy our Facebook page!

The Social Media Team of the Max Planck Society

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