Defining the range

Defining the range

How can gender equality monitoring look like in a diverse work and research culture?

The Max Planck Society's offers and programs for the support of Gender Equality are various and tailored to the special requirements of science and to the needs of various scientists. The design of the instruments that monitor and accompany the success and development of the measures has to be just as various and flexible. Within this framework, the Central Gender Equality Officer and her team provide counseling for all persons, levels, functions, groups, and committees. The objective is to guarantee a uniformly high level of Gender Equality work in the Institutes while preserving the professional and cultural diversity of the Institutes. Whether it is the development of the Institute's Gender Equality Plan, the reduction of the influence of gender stereotypes on personnel selection and performance assessment, or advice on strategic decisions in the area of Gender Equality: the defined standards has to provide space for being tailored to the needs of the Institutes, without being less absolute and ambitious.

The Central Gender Equality Officer supports the Max Planck Society in the implementation and advancement of its Gender Equality objectives:

  • She advises the different internal target groups – Institutes, Management, Sections and office holders - in all matters relating to Gender Equality. In this regard, she is a permanent guest of the different central governing bodies of the Max Planck Society.
  • She initiates Gender Equality measures and projects.
  • She supports the Gender Equality Officers in the Institutes, Facilities and Sections through the provision of information and trainings, as well as through the negotiation of the role, rights and obligations of the officers with decision-makers and governing bodies.
  • She supports the internal and external communication regarding Gender Equality and represents the Max Planck Society externally in such matters.

Currently, the Central Gender Equality Officer is the spokesperson of the Alliance of Gender Equality Officers of non-university research organisations and a member of the board of TOTAL EQUALITY Deutschland e.V.

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