Highlights from the Yearbook 2018

The Yearbook of the Max Planck Society, published each year, illustrates the research accomplishments of our institutes. To showcase the variety and diversity of topics and projects covered by our researchers, we have selected 15 articles from the 2018 yearbook from our different research sections in a printed booklet - our "Highlights". The yearbook contributions of all Max Planck Institutes are published on the website.

The articles are presented in an accessible format, which seemed particularly suited from a science communication perspective and especially interesting for non-specialist readers.  Among the highlights of the yearbook 2018 are research results, for example, in the field of protein engineering, which should lead to the development of artificial biosensors for a rapid and self-determined control of blood values and could bring great relief for many patients with metabolic diseases. Or the idea of developing carbon dioxide as an alternative carbon source for the production of fuels to high-quality fine chemicals, so-called “Power-to-X” concepts.

And finally, the efforts of a team of legal experts to unravel the web of EU directives, national law and scientific regulations that have led to the “Commentaries on European Contract Laws”, which can now serve as the scientific basis for modern European contract law.

A look into the yearbook is definitely worth it!

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15 informative and accessible articles covering the wide variety of research carried out at our Max Planck Institutes. more
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