Annual Reports of the Max Planck Society
Every year the Max Planck Society submits a report on its annual activities and commenced or planned undertakings. As stated in the statues, the Senate adopts the annual report and presents it to the General Meeting. more
Max Planck Society Yearbook Highlights
For this printed yearbook collection, 15 articles were selected and edited in a journalistic manner, which seemed particularly suited for publication from a science communication perspective and especially interesting for non-experts. Among the highlights of the yearbook 2018 are research results, for example, in the field of protein engineering, which should lead to the development of artificial biosensors for a rapid and self-determined control of blood values and could bring great relief for many patients with metabolic diseases. Or the idea of developing carbon dioxide as an alternative carbon source for the production of fuels to high-quality fine chemicals, so-called “Power-to-X” concepts. more
The Max Planck Society presents its scientific report with the Yearbook. It contains the research reports of all Max Planck institutions, the lectures and speeches of the Annual General Meeting as well as the bibliographic data of all over 15,000 scientific publications of the Max Planck Society in the past year. more
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