Contact and reporting points

Contact and reporting points

Problems and conflicts can arise in any working environment. It is important to address these situations and to find sustainable solutions.

The Max Planck Society would like to support its employees in this. Depending on whether it is a conflict with colleagues or superiors, whether they want to complain about misconduct or report a grievance, or whether they need advice due to their personal situation, the Max Planck Society provides appropriate contact and reporting points.

The buttons below shall help to choose the right contact and reporting point:

Do you require conflict support? Or would you like to report non-scientific misconduct?
Free immediate counselling services for employees and scholarship holders of the Max Planck Society
Do you need advice on dealing with scientific misconduct?
Do you feel discriminated against because of your gender or have you experienced or observed sexualized harassment or violence towards others?
Do you feel bullied? Or would you like to help someone who feels bullied?

(General) Works Council

The Works Council with its members is the workforce representation of all staff members of your facility / your Institute. It is bound to confidentiality and will only act in coordination with you. If there is no Works Council at your facility / Institute, you may contact the General Works Council of the Max-Planck-Gesellschaft. Contact persons at the General Works Council are not only the Chairman and Vice Chairwoman, but all members of the Central Works Committee.


Max Planck PhDnet is a network representing the over 4500 doctoral researchers (DR) within the Max-Planck-Gesellschaft.

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