EMAP - Employee and Manager Assistance Program

Free immediate counselling services for employees and scholarship holders of the Max Planck Society

Do you need support in dealing with ​professional or personal problems that affect your well-being and mental health?

If you would like support in dealing with professional or personal problems and issues that affect your well-being at work, an immediate counselling service (EMAP) is available through the pme Familienservice: by telephone, online or in person. This counselling service is free of charge for you. The relatives living in your household can also use this service free of charge.

A special customer login to the pme online portal also gives you access to further information and materials.

How does it work?

You call the hotline. This is manned 24 hours a day. 
Furthermore, contact is also possible by e-mail via the contact form on the website:

pme familienservice

Can personal counselling sessions be arranged?

On request, you can arrange personal counselling appointments at the pme customer centres, e.g. in Munich, Hamburg, Berlin and other locations.

In which languages are services provided?

Counselling sessions can be provided in German, English and, if required, in other languages.

Who finances the EMAP?

The Immediate Advisory Service is free of charge and financed by the Max Planck Society.

How many counselling sessions can you take?

The number of sessions is not limited.​

What can the EMAP help with?

You can contact the EMAP with any concerns that may affect your well-being and health:

Occupational and job-related issues

E.g. occupational stress situations and conflicts, coping with growing demands, change processes, decision making, time- and self-management

Health and mental issues

E.g. states of stress and exhaustion, psychosomatic complaints, sleep disorders, risk of addiction and addiction

Personal issues

E.g. issues that are affecting your activities in the workplace, such as work-life balance, relationship problems, coping with such crisis situations as illness, death, grief, financial difficulties, debts.

Please note that this offer is a counselling service in the form of immediate assistance and cannot replace longer-term counselling, permanent support, or therapy.

Is there special support for leaders?

Yes. Specially trained counsellors offer support and advice, for example on health-oriented leadership, dealing with employees under psychological strain or at risk of addiction.

Can therapy places be arranged?

When you first make contact, the counsellor checks whether there is a need for therapy according to the criteria at hand. A need for therapy may also become apparent in the course of the counselling session.

In these cases, you can use the therapy referral service of the pme Familienservice. You will receive support with the following issues.

  • Advice on a suitable form of therapy
  • Search for a suitable ambulatory or stationary therapy place
  • Support with necessary application procedures

Persons can continue to use the consultation service (EMAP) until therapy starts and beyond.


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