Max Planck Graduate Centers

New funding concepts for talented young researchers

Max Planck Graduate Centers bring together leading faculty at several Max Planck Institutes and their partner institutions to provide outstanding doctoral research programs in a set of topical research areas. By offering innovative, research-oriented doctoral training across different locations, Max Planck Graduate Centers realize synergies beyond conventional forms of graduate education.

Three Max Planck Graduate Centers were established in 2018 and will start operations in the fall of 2019. Admission is highly selective, either via a special selection procedure or through admission by one of the Institutes involved, and successful candidates receive full financial support to pursue their doctoral thesis research. Interested students are encouraged to visit their respective web sites for more information.

Max Planck Graduate Center for Computer and Information Science
CS@max planck is a highly selective doctoral program for research in the broad area of computer and information science, with faculty at four Max Planck Institutes and some of the best German universities.

Max Planck Graduate Center for Quantum Materials
The term “quantum materials” is shorthand for a rapidly evolving research frontier that aims to understand, control, and ultimately design materials in which quantum physics enables novel functionalities. The Max Planck Graduate Center on Quantum Materials (MPGC-QM) combines the expertise of faculty at seven Max Planck Institutes and selected partner institutions in Germany and abroad.

Max Planck Law
Max Planck Law is a forum of cooperation of nine Institutes of the Max Planck Society engaged in fundamental research in legal studies. They share a commitment to academic excellence, an international orientation and interdisciplinary research.

Max Planck Graduate Center, with Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz GmbH
The MPGC is a virtual department across two Max Planck Institutes and four faculties of the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz, created for interdisciplinary projects. We offer an advanced PhD program in these research topics to excellent candidates from all over the world. The Graduate Center has its own doctoral degree regulations, promoting interdisciplinary research, and awards the young scientists after a successful defense with the degree "Doktor rerum naturalium" (Dr. rer. nat.) of the University of Mainz complemented by the logo of the Max Planck Society.

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