Image: Stefan Hell, Nobel laureate 2014 | © Ansgar Pudenz

Substantial questions, brightest minds - and you!

Our scientists are driven to find answers to the big questions of our times. In tackling their field in scientific frontier research they need courage, talent, persistence - and your unique support!

Excellent frontier research is a high risk mission, requiring high trust, too. The results are at times not predictable, nonetheless this search is what drives us to push forward and exceed boundaries of knowledge. And knowledge is essential for progress: technologies and medical care improve our lives and ensure economic prosperity. Therefor, research in Germany is largely state-funded, because knowledge is a publicly invaluable good.

Nevertheless, public funding alone at times does not suffice, as our scientists find themselves in a tough international competition. Max Planck Society can only stand up to and succeed when donors support our research, too. Here, our Supporting Members and our Boards of Trustees set benchmarks. And because our world class scientists need that extra head room (especially when public funding ist not available), we are genrously supported by the Max Planck Foundation. Since, the Foundation has funded over 30 projects and given approx. 45 million to support our scientists.

Excellent frontier research also requires outstanding support. Succeeding as a visionary is part of your set of beliefs. So join us on this frontier journey - you are in best company.

Max Planck Society unites the best scientists under one roof. In their bold quest to find answers, our research teams all have more ideas than budget. Learn more how your gift to Max Planck can create extra headroom for thoughts and new fields of action. [more]
Whether it is therapies against cancer, new materials or geo-systems: here you may find a selection of projects supported by companies, foundations and individuals, that otherwise would not have had the room to unfold and come to life. [more]
All of our donors share a common ground: a passion for science. They are all convinced that supporting frontier research propells innovation, making it essential for innovation and prosperty. These are their stories. [more]
By making a bequest to us – whether in the form of a residuary inheritance, beneficiary rights to a life insurance policy or a lump sum donation – you can create lasting values and promote scientific discovery beyond your own lifetime. [more]
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