Supporting Members

Supporting Members

The Max Planck Society has a unique circle of friends: the Supporting Members, who are a constituating group in the society's governance. Our members are door-opening ambassadors, all committed to support excellent frontier research.

Over 400 individuals (Personal Supporting Members) as well as about 250 companies, legal representatives and associations (Corporative Supporting Members) support the Max Planck Society in a variety of ways. By means of donations they enable special projects to be implemented for which there is no public funding available.

Innovative solutions propel us ahead in international competition. Therefore we need excellent frontier research – this is what the Max Planck Society stands for.

- Dr. Stefan Marcinowski, former Board Member of BASF SE (Corporative Supporting Member)

Above all, Supporting Members are invited to become actively involved in the Max Planck Society: they have seat and voice in the Annual General Meeting. The fact that the Society is a legal entity constituted under private law (an incorporated association) contributes significantly to the scientific autonomy of the Max Planck Society: for this reason, being anchored in relevant parts of society is of central importance, as is the support from the Supporting Members – something which is reflected in the selection and admissions procedure.

The close interaction between the Society and the Supporting Members contributes to this: members receive all the main publications of the Max Planck Society along with an exclusive monthly newsletter and invitations to events held by the institutes and Administrative Headquarters.

The Annual General Meeting is the significant event within the Max Planck Society: the Supporting Members meet for two days with the Scientific Members, where they receive first-hand updates on current research results. In addition, as part of the programme, Supporting Members are exclusively looked after by our Supporting Members' team.

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