At home in Germany-present throughout the world

At home in Germany-present throughout the world

The internationalisation strategy of the Max Planck Society

The Max Planck Society contributes to shaping the future, both at home in Germany and worldwide. It assumes responsibility and continues to develop its international cooperation accordingly. On the one hand, it pursues the goal of strengthening the European Research Area, and on the other, it promotes global networks and partnerships in scientifically emerging countries. As Germany's most successful research organisation, it is a matter of course for the Max Planck Society to contribute to the Federal Republic's science diplomacy and to build bridges between societies through its research networks.

The Max Planck Centres are a central pillar in strengthening the European Research Area. In addition to these collaborations with the best research institutions in Europe, the Max Planck Society is particularly involved in Central and Eastern Europe through the Dioscuri Centres. It also conducts successful science beyond the European Research Area with strategic cooperation projects and the "Exploratory Round Table Conferences". In this way, the Max Planck Society is present in international networks and collaborations at leading locations worldwide, including the USA, Canada, Japan, Israel and China.

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At the same time, the Max Planck Society strengthens the research landscapes of scientifically emerging countries - such as India, the countries of Latin America and Africa - with a network of Max Planck Partner Groups and Max Planck Tandem Groups as well as by means of symposia and workshops, with a particular focus on young scientists. It always conducts its research in locations that offer optimal conditions for this. In this way, it creates the conditions for worldwide access to scientific expertise and research infrastructures, such as the two measuring towers "ATTO" in Brazil and "ZOTTO" in Russia or the "H.E.S.S" telescopes in Namibia.

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