Max Planck Research Groups at Universities

In past years the Max Planck Society has been establishing new institutes preferably near universities often affording an institutional connection as well. The founding of 20 research institutes in the five states of former East Germany is visible evidence of this strategy. The establishment of fixed-time, interdisciplinary Max Planck Research Groups at universities further strengthens the required networking between universities and Institutes of the Max Planck Society. A small number of Research Groups will be established at universities on a pilot program basis for the medium term. At the end of the Max Planck Society's funding period, plans call for the Research Groups to be either integrated into the respective universities or dissolved. There may, however, be a possibility for such a research group to function as a basis for establishing a Max Planck Institute or research unit. Ideally the administrative responsibility for the Max Planck Research Groups should lie with the respective university throughout the period. The Research Group leaders will be appointed in line with the appointment procedure of the Max Planck Society, and scientific achievements will be supervised according to the evaluation criteria of the Max Planck Society.

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