Planned giving

By making a bequest to Max Planck – whether in the form of a residuary inheritance or a lump sum donation – you can create lasting values and promote scientific discovery beyond your own lifetime. Your legacy creates knowledge – for everyone.

It is a matter of concern to you to help shape this world we live in. You want to get involved for what is important to you, something that lasts.

Research as the act of creating new knowledge is a valuable public good. Therefore, it is supported by society and - at least in Germany - largely state-funded. The best minds in German science can be found at Max Planck. But even the best minds need additional head space - especially where public funding is not available.

What moves you, brings our research forward: with your planned giving, we can implement additional projects or tackle new research topics more quickly.

We are accredited as a non-profit organisation. Thereby, German succession taxes are not applied and your bequest may be used to 100 percent to support our scientists.

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