Max Planck Foundation

Knowledge is everything. And to understand and advance our world, frontier research is the most important process. The Max Planck Society is dedicated to this mission and aims to provide the best environment for top scientists worldwide. The Max Planck Foundation provides vital support.

An idea that captures the imagination is a magnet for supporters. For the founders of Max Planck Foundation, Reinhard Pöllath and Stefan von Holtzbrinck, this core belief was a matter of course. They were not mistaken.

Today, the foundation manages a total of around 650 million euros. It is one of the 15 largest foundations for the promotion of science and research in Germany. With one small difference: according to its statutes, it supports exclusively the research of Max Planck Society, its institutes and scientists.

But the foundation is more than a legally independent foundation. It is a heartbeat accelerator, additional oxygen in the combustion chambers of scientific innovation and a passionate companion of our research.

Max Planck Foundation has supported more than 80 groundbreaking projects with more than 50 million euros since it was founded in 2006. In this way, the foundation provides financial leeway for international competition and supports Max Planck in its constant renewal.

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