About the Max Planck Foundation

Knowledge is everything. And basic research is the most important process to understand and advance our world. The Max Planck Society is dedicated to this mission, aiming to offer the best environments for top scientists worldwide. The Max Planck Foundation provides vital support in this endeavor.

An idea that sparks imagination will attract supporters! The founders Reinhard Pöllath and Stefan von Holtzbrinck held this core belief to be self-evident. They were not mistaken. Today, five sheltered foundations and four trust funds are held under the umbrella of the Max Planck Foundation which manages around 500 million euro in total. This makes it one of the 15 largest supporting foundations in Germany.

The Max Planck Foundation is legally independent. Its sole mission is to fund scientific research conducted by the Max Planck Society. Since it was established in 2006, the foundation has supported over 30 pioneering projects with over 45 million euro. Some examples can be found in the featured projects section.

The key motivation for this engagement is a firm belief in the innovative power of frontier research. Just like in business, competition is an important component of success in a rapidly changing scientific environment The ability to act quickly is crucial. This is the increment value of the Max Planck Foundation: it provides financial scope to compete on an international level and supports Max Planck Society in renewing itself constantly.

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