Official Statements of the Max Planck Society

The Max Planck Society regularly takes a position – often together with other scientific organizations – on select issues concerning research policy: for example, research promotion in Germany and Europe, developments in individual research fields or specific topics in various specialist fields. 

Most recent statements of the Max Planck Society

Revision of copyright law – the concerns of science
Statement from the Alliance of German Science Organisations

July 9, 2010

Without the fast and preferably unobstructed exchange of scientific findings, successful research is not possible. The discussions surrounding a revision of copyright law therefore have major implications for science. The Alliance of German Science Organisations has issued a joint statement calling for a science-friendly copyright law. [more]

Science guided by ethics - on the responsible use of scientific freedom and dealing with scientific risk
March 19, 2010

Material sciences, plant genetics and infection biology, but also information technology and cognition research: The possibilities of “dual use”, i.e. the use of research results for purposes other than the original intent of the researchers, are diverse. The objective of the new, expanded “Information and Rules on the Responsible Use of Scientific Freedom and dealing with Scientific Risk” is to give scientists insight into the implications of the misuse of science – also in areas where the risks are not immediately apparent. [more]

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