Statements of the Max Planck Society

Scientific research has a responsiblity towards our society

The Max Planck Society regularly takes a position – often together with other scientific organizations – on select issues concerning research policy: for example, research promotion in Germany and Europe, developments in individual research fields or specific topics in various specialist fields.

A statement by the presidents of the non-university research organizations based on mathematical analyses of the data situation more
A good day for European solidarity, a bad day for European research funding more
To mark the 70th anniversary of the German constitution ‒ known as the Basic Law ‒ the Alliance of Science Organisations in Germany has drafted a Memorandum which spells out a voluntary commitment in the form of Ten Principles for Freedom of Science. more
The Alliance of Science Organisations has written an open letter to Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orbán. The reason for this is a new law which, as part of a reform of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, provides for its restructuring and the outsourcing of its institutes in the form of a network. more

Science is international

February 03, 2017
The Alliance of Science Organisations in Germany is concerned about the immigration ban issued by US President Donald Trump on 27 January 2017. It sees it as "a sweeping discrimination against human beings on the basis of their ethnicity and consequently an act of aggression on the fundamental values of science". more


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