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Max-Planck grantees on their ERC research projects

March 13, 2017
ERC funding covers research projects at different stages of a researcher's career and enables, for example, projects involving several experts who join forces to research completely new areas. Below, researchers provide a glimpse into some of their projects - whether it is internet security, research into the desert climate, the social behaviour of chimpanzees, or new approaches to protein design. [more]
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“It was worthwhile to stumble into it”

March 13, 2017
Max Planck Medicine Nobel laureate Erwin Neher about the discussions leading up to the establishment of the European Research Council ERC [more]
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Top funding for top researchers

March 13, 2017
The Max Planck Society congratulates the European Research Council on its tenth anniversary [more]
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Ready for new turbulences

March 01, 2017
Two Max Planck Institutes and two research groups from the University of Twente are entering into a collaboration in a pioneering center for research into complex fluid dynamics. Their aim is to advance progress in fields such as medical diagnostics or the operation of wind turbines. [more]
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Restoring damaged organs back to health

December 21, 2016

First Max Planck Center for Regenerative Biomedicine opens in China

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Seven Max Planck researchers receive Consolidator Grants

December 15, 2016
Six scientists from Max Planck institutes have successfully applied for Consolidator Grants from the European Research Council (ERC). They have each been awarded up to 2 million euros in funding. [more]
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Science summit in Argentina

November 14, 2016
More than 45 Max Planck Directors meet up with fellow scientists from Latin America [more]
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