<p>Cell Pattern – Cell Order</p>
Fine Hairs Make All the Difference
Black Hole in a Tidal Race<br />
Bacteria with a Sense of Direction<br /><br />
Biological Rotor
Bundled Chrystal Fibers
Starry Night
Filigree Sensor
A Parasite inside the Cell
Electrons Gone Astray
Twisted Spiral
Microcosmic Transport System
Pretty as a Real Chrystal
A Threat to the Mucous Membranes
Disco Ball on the Hunt for Electrons
A Blanket for Hot Plasma
Arms Race in the Plant Kingdom
Hierarchy of the Nanocones
Immune System at work
Ingenious Navigation System
A Web of Dark Matter
At the Root of a Plant Hair
Larval Models
Monster Waves on a Micro Scale
Unleashed Magnetic Force
Hazardous Cargo in the Spinal Cord
Interplay of Art and Nature
Rainbow in the Nanoshade
Virtual Flow
Cast Iron - Still Appealing
Collision in Space
Artificial Biofactories
Turbulent Exchange
A model in matters of the heart
Flower in Focus
Heavenly Feathers
Neurons on Track
Super Wave in a Flash of Light
Vortex in the Magnet
Highways for Thoughts
Fish Eye in Focus
An Enzyme that Warms the Climate
The Place to Be
The Magic of Optics
Summer in the City
Inconspicuous celebrity
Towers of silicon
Planetary Fossil
Kaleidoscope of Life
Caught in the Net
Ripples in Spacetime
Molecular cinema show
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