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Dramatic decline of Bornean orangutans
Global demand for natural resources has reduced the number of orangutans by more than 100,000 animals in the last 16 years more
Ears for Icarus
Russian rocket delivers antenna for animal tracking system to the International Space Station more
“In ten years we’ll know which animals are able to predict natural disasters”
Interview with Martin Wikelski on the successful mission to transport the Icarus antennas to the International Space Station more
Prestigious award for science historian Lorraine Daston
Historian of science Lorraine Daston from the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science in Berlin is honoured with the internationally renowned Israeli Dan David Prize. more
FLUCS – microscopy becomes interactive
A new microscope enables researchers to control motion within living cells more
The universe out of the supercomputer
Computer simulations show the formation of galaxies with unprecedented precision more
Millirobot with a talent for versatility of movement
A magnetic drive allows a tiny untethered vehicle to walk, crawl, jump and swim through a complex environment more
Children with cochlear implants learn words faster than hearing children
While children with an artificial cochlea are older when they are first exposed to spoken language, they build up their vocabulary faster than hearing children more
Humans limit animal movements
Biologists detect reduction in animal movements in areas with a high human footprint more
Modern human brain organization emerged only recently
Homo sapiens fossils demonstrate a gradual evolution of the human brain towards its modern globular shape more
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