Yearbook 2014

MPI for Biology of Ageing
Ross, Jaime M.; Stewart, James B.; Hagström, Erik; Brené, Stefan; Mourier, Arnaud; Coppotelli, Giuseppe; Freyer, Christoph; Lagouge, Marie; Hoffer, Barry J.; Olson, Lars; Winnen, Brit; Larsson, Nils-Göran
Maternal genes can contribute to the ageing of a child
MPI for Biology of Ageing
Heestand, Bree N.; Shen, Yidong; Liu, Wei; Magner, Daniel B.; Storm, Nadia; Meharg, Caroline; Habermann, Bianca; Wollam, Joshua; Hoppe, Caroline; Li, Dongling; Latza, Christian; Rottiers, Veerle; Hutter, Harald; Winnen, Brit; Antebi, Adam
Anti-ageing hormone receptors
MPI for Evolutionary Anthropology
Michaelis, Susanne; Haspelmath, Martin
A world atlas of contact languages
MPI for Social Anthropology
Knörr, Jacqueline
Language diversity and the construction of common identity in postcolonial context: The example of the Upper Guinea Coast of West Africa
Archive of the MPG
Starkloff, Kristina
The Archives of the Max Planck Society – a review of 2013
MPI for Astronomy
Biller, Beth; Henning, Thomas; Brandner, Wolfgang; Feldt, Markus
Rare image of Super-Jupiter sheds light on planet formation
MPI for Astronomy

van den Bosch, Remco; Yildirim, Akin; van de Ven, Glenn; van der Wel, Arjen

Giant black hole could upset galaxy evolution models
MPI for Astrophysics
Gabler, Michael; Müller, Ewald; Cerdá-Durán, Pablo; Font, Antonio; Stergioulas, Nikolaos
Astroseimology of magnetars
MPI for Astrophysics
Yates, Robert; Kauffmann, Guinevere
Metals in galaxies: Is what we see what we expect?
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