Covid19-related research by the Max Planck Society

Covid19-related research by the Max Planck Society

Max Planck researchers are working on vaccines and drugs against the corona virus and are making forecasts on how the pandemic will develop

The current corona crisis poses enormous challenges to our society and to states worldwide. What contribution can science make to overcome this crisis? On this topic page we collect contributions from various research fields at Max Planck Institutes, all of which are related to the corona pandemic.

The focus of interest is, of course, on medical efforts to develop a vaccine, but also on currently available drugs that may be able to alleviate the severe disease progression of Covid19. However, valuable contributions also come from other scientific disciplines. These include, for example, those working on simulations of the outbreak, social science studies and, last but not least, economic analyses of how we can counteract the inevitable economic distortions.


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To be successful strict local containment and low number of cross-regional infections are crucial more

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