Infection Biology

Test determines risk of tuberculosis
In future, a blood test could identify which individuals with latent TB infection are at high risk of developing the disease more
Candidate tuberculosis vaccine in phase II/III trial
VPM1002 is being trailed for efficacy and safety in patients with recurrent tuberculosis and in HIV-exposed newborns more
Helicobacter creates immune system blind spot
By extracting cholesterol from host cell membranes, Helicobacter pylori generates “micro-islands” more
Possible cause of early colonial-era Mexican epidemic identified
Salmonella enterica, the bacterium responsible for enteric fever, may be the long-debated cause of the 1545-1550 AD “cocoliztli” epidemic in Oaxaca, Mexico that heavily affected the native population. more
<p>Are stem cells the link between bacteria and cancer?</p>
New mechanism of stomach gland regeneration reveals impact of Helicobacter pylori infection more
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