Synthetic carbohydrate wards off pneumococcal infections
Innovative vaccines can provide better protection against some forms of pneumonia and meningitis than currently available products more
Fewer laboratory animals thanks to secondary nanobodies
Max Planck researchers develop sustainable alternative to the most widely used antibodies and their controversial production in animals more
Information filter for immune defence
Researchers are deciphering the structure of the MHC-I peptide-loading complex. more
Intestinal flora from twins is able to initiate multiple sclerosis
Genetically modified mice deliver first indication that human intestinal bacteria can trigger multiple sclerosis more
Immune System

Immune System

Video August 17, 2017
The lamprey is a special case amongst vertebrates because it has no thymus gland, where the T cells of the immune system normally learn to recognize pathogens. Max Planck scientist Thomas Böhm wants to know how the lamprey copes with bacteria and viruses. This knowledge could help to improve the treatment of immune disorders in the future. more
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