Annual Report 2010

Every year the Max Planck Society submits a report on its annual activities and commenced or planned undertakings. As stated in the statues, the Senate adopts the annual report and presents it to the General Meeting. The annual report contains a complete copy of the Jahrbuch (or Year Book) of the Max Planck Society, containing reports from all the Max Planck Institutes on their research activities as well as a bibliography of all the scientific publications. The reports in the Yearbook are not available in English, however an English summary of each report is provided.

The Max Planck Society in figures. All the facts regarding personal, finances, support of young scientists & technology transfer as PDF to download.
Research at the frontiers of knowledge is constantly treading new ground. In 2010 – as in 2000 and 2005 – we once again took the opportunity to highlight particularly promising and forward-looking research fields in our publication Research Perspectives 2010+, with a special focus on their relevance and potential for the future.
Linda Partridge on Ageing and Ageing-related Diseases | Alois Fürstner on Catalysis Research | Karen Schönwälder, Sören Petermann and Steven Vertovec on Diversity in Society, Social Interaction and Solidarity
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