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Research publications 2018

A new genome for regeneration research

January 24, 2018

First complete genome assembly of planarian flatworm reveals treasure trove on the function and evolution of genes [more]


Decoding the Axolotl genome

January 24, 2018

The sequencing of the largest genome to date lays the foundation for novel insights into tissue regeneration [more]

Research publications 2017

Source of life

May 22, 2017

Eugene W. Myers never attended a biology course. Despite this fact, he has made a career for himself in this field, and in developing a computer program, made a major contribution to decoding the human genome. He recently was appointed as Director at the the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics, and the Klaus-Tschira Chair of the Systems Biology Center in Dresden. [more]


Virtual liver model could reduce number of animal experiments

March 27, 2017

Researchers establish a model that simulates biliary fluid dynamics in the liver and predicts drug-induced liver injuries [more]

Research publications 2016

A tiny change with considerable consequences

December 08, 2016

A single nucleotide substitution likely contributed to the evolutionary expansion of the human neocortex [more]


The self-driving microscope

October 31, 2016

Researchers develop a combination of software and hardware for adaptive live imaging of large living organisms [more]

Differing duration of brain stem cell division

October 06, 2016

Stem cells in the developing human brain take more time to arrange the chromosomes before distribution than stem cells of great apes [more]


Survival through a biochemical shortcut

April 25, 2016

Researchers unravel the metabolic basis that allows worms and yeast to survive extreme desiccation [more]


Cells in standby mode

March 22, 2016

During unfavourable conditions the cytoplasm can solidify and protect the cell from death [more]

Research publications 2015

Switching mouse neural stem cells to a primate-like behaviour

August 07, 2015

How mimicking the human expression of a single gene can increase neurogenesis in the developing mouse neocortex. [more]


A gene for brain size - only found in humans

February 26, 2015

Following the traces of evolution: Max Planck Researchers find a key to the reproduction of brain stem cells [more]


Mitosis – the cell nucleus is moving upwards

January 19, 2015

During cell division, cell nuclei have to be positioned at the upper end, so that daughter cells can be built into retina tissue [more]

Research publications 2014

Brain folding

November 25, 2014

Programmes that control the production of neurons during brain development determine how the brain folds [more]


Fat feedback

October 24, 2014

Lipids, not calories, trigger a strong Insulin response [more]


Potential basis for the treatment and prevention of Parkinson’s disease

July 31, 2014

Max Planck researchers show that two products of the gene DJ-1 can increase the survival of neurons [more]


Unbreak my heart

July 22, 2014

Max Planck scientists image a beating heart in 3D [more]


Timing is not only ticking

July 14, 2014

Max Planck researchers discover that a Doppler effect influences segmentation [more]


The mummy cheese

March 11, 2014

Max Planck researchers in Dresden reconstruct a cheese recipe from the Early Bronze Age [more]


Brain development - the pivotal role of the stem cell environment

February 04, 2014

Max Planck researchers explain why iodine deficiency during pregnancy may have disastrous consequences [more]

Research publications 2013

Green algae move to the beat

October 25, 2013

Max Planck researchers in Dresden explain the flagellar synchronisation of swimming algae [more]


Immune to ageing

September 13, 2013

Max Planck researchers discover a microbe that is rejuvenated every time it reproduces [more]


Panoramic projections of life          

July 25, 2013

Max Planck researchers process microscopy images in real time [more]


Heading for regeneration

July 24, 2013

Max Planck researchers manage to reactivate head regeneration in a regeneration-deficient species of planarians [more]

Research publications 2010

Shedding new light on embryonic development

December 15, 2010

Similarities in the embryonic development of various animal species are also found at molecular level [more]


A fingerprint for genes

March 05, 2010

Max Planck scientists develop new strategy to play major role in research on human diseases [more]

Research publications 2009

Bionanomachines: Proteins as resistance fighters

August 14, 2009

Scientists of Dresden BIOTEC and MPI-CBG measure drag/friction of single molecules [more]

Research publications 2006

Always keeping a safe distance

October 23, 2006

Max-Planck researchers in Dresden have discovered why biological loads do not get caught up when being transported through cells [more]


Eleven Million Euros for Endotrack

July 14, 2006

Europe-wide research project to be coordinated by the Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics / Disclosing the secrets of cellular signalling and endocytosis [more]


One-dimensional Diffusion Accelerates Molecular Motors

May 12, 2006

Max Planck researchers discover how special motor proteins identify microtubule ends [more]

Research publications 2003

Counting the molecules that pull cells apart

July 24, 2003

Scientists at the Max Planck Institute for Cell Biology and Genetics in Dresden and the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) in Heidelberg map forces that help cells divide [more]

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