1933: Manned, spherical deep sea submersibles  <br /><br />
1948: A stratospheric balloon for the deep sea
1960: At the deepest point of the world's oceans
1982: Industrial robots for deep sea assignments
1985: Robots discover the wreck of the <span class="st">RMS Titanic</span>
1995: You can't go any deeper
2001: Extreme life on underwater vulcanoes
From 2003 onwards: first autonomous diving robots
2004: A crawler measures oxygen
2004: Fascinating life<span class="st"> around the black smokers chimneys</span>
2005: 'Alvin' detects tubeworm colony
2009: Six months under water
2011: Robot control via mouse click
2014: Taking cues from the animal world
2016: Breathing only deep sea oxygen for an entire year
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