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"Sustainability, Climate, and what Diversity has got to do with it"

Max Planck Symposium : Veranstaltungen Berlin
The Max Planck Symposium is an intensive, two-day career conference serving as a platform to connect international Max Planck Alumni and Max Planck Early Career Researchers of all disciplines and Institutes. The topic of every symposium is suggested and realized by the participants themselves, who are then supported by high level experts and invited guests. [more]
Following up on the successful 2nd Max Planck Symposium in 2017 focusing on "Sustainability and Social Engagement", the Harnack-Haus will once more be transformed into a "home away from home" in the course of 3rd edition with the title "Advances in Digitalization" -- with interdisciplinary talks, panel discussions and workshops. [more]
Following up on the successful 1st Max Planck Symposium in 2016, the Harnack-Haus will once more be transformed into a "home away from home" where our early career researchers and alumns will meet to build and strengthen the international Max Planck community. [more]
For the first time, scientists have observed ripples in the fabric of space-time, so-called gravitational waves, arriving at the earth from a cataclysmic event in the distant universe. The discovery confirms a major prediction of Albert Einstein’s 1915 general theory of relativity and opens new possibilities for gaining a better understanding of the universe. [more]

10 years of the Kyoto Protocol

10 years of the Kyoto Protocol
2 degrees Celsius? What is still achievable in climate protection? Book launch and discussion in Berlin. The Kyoto Protocol, one of the most important climate protection treaties, came into effect in 2005. However, its goal of reducing carbon dioxide emissions as the main cause of increased global warming continues to pose a challenge for international politics. In industrialised countries, CO2 emissions are still rising. The question of what can be demanded of developing and emerging economies is, as yet, unsettled. [more]
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