Annual Report 2012

Every year the Max Planck Society submits a report on its annual activities and commenced or planned undertakings. As stated in the statues, the Senate adopts the annual report and presents it to the General Meeting.

The Max Planck Society in figures. All the facts regarding personal, finances, support of young scientists & technology transfer as PDF to download.
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Many outstanding researchers were under 30 years of age when they embarked on their pioneering studies, for example Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein and Marie Curie. In view of demographic change – tens of thousands of qualified STEM employees are already lacking in Germany – and the global competition for talented scientists, this means for us: Organizations that carry out basic research at the highest international level must be attractive enough to succeed in recruiting top junior scientists.
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Reinhard Genzel on Traveling back in time to the formation epoch of the Milky Way | F. Ulrich Hartl on cellular chaperones: their role in protein folding and in the genesis of neurodegenerative diseases | Rüdiger Wolfrum on Law’s contribution to peace-making
Max Planck Innovation – the Technology Transfer Organization of the Max Planck Society
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