Harnack House Berlin

Ihnestrasse 16 - 20
14195 Berlin

Phone: +49 30 8413-3800
Fax: +49 30 8413-3801

Harnack House in Berlin, Germany.

For the nearly ninety years this name has possessed an almost magical aura, both within the confines of Berlin and beyond. The house itself has become a symbol of German academic research, a historical venue where science and international politics have enjoyed center stage.

The house is inseparable from the "Dahlem Legend" - that worldwide reputation of an academic colony in the heart of Berlin that was founded by the Kaiser Wilhelm Society for the promotion of the sciences, and where the most famous german researchers of their day lived and worked.

Established during the Weimar Republic and achieving rapid fame, the Harnack-House has survived the time of the National Socialism and the Second World War, in 1945 it was occupied by the US-Army - and now it is once more in the hands of the Max Planck Society (successor to the Kaiser Wilhelm Society), whose aim it is to maintain this unique venue as a meeting place and forum for academic excellence and social dialogue.

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