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Research publications 2013

The smallest storage system in the world

November 15, 2013

Controlling the magnetic moment of individual atoms opens up new possibilities for compact data storage devices and quantum computers [more]


A good wire for nanoelectronics

April 09, 2013

Silicon nanowires become doped with unexpectedly large amounts of aluminium during growth, so that their conductivity increases [more]

Research publications 2012

An electrical switch for magnetic current

February 29, 2012

A multiferroic tunnel junction provides storage media with increased data density [more]

Research publications 2011

Data storage takes an electric turn

March 28, 2011

The data density in random access memory could be radically increased [more]

Research publications 2009

Power thrust for spider silk

April 24, 2009

A team of scientists from Halle has succeeded in making spider silk significantly more break-resistant and ductile through the addition of metals [more]

Research publications 2008

Giant memory thanks to tiny capacitors

June 25, 2008

German-Korean research team produces a permanent memory using a new procedure and thereby sets a memory density record [more]

Research publications 2006

How to Herd Atoms

December 04, 2006

Max Planck researchers in Halle observe self-organization of atoms in circular atomic pens [more]


Brilliant Growth without Gold

November 28, 2006

Max Planck researchers in Halle present new methods for manufacturing nanowires from silicon [more]


From Nanowires to Nanotubes

September 28, 2006

A new concept for compound nanotube formation based on the Kirkendall effect [more]


Captive Electrons

April 20, 2006

Max Planck researchers send electrons in a copper-platelet into a bound state above the vacuum level [more]

Research publications 2004

Small Defects Have Large Impact

January 19, 2004

Max Planck materials scientists discover why ferroelectric materials sometimes lose their useful properties in the nanometer range [more]

Research publications 2003

Technological Breakthrough in Silicon Photonics

August 26, 2003

Max Planck scientist introduces a new method for the manufacture of silicon nanocrystals for optoelectronics and storage technology [more]

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