MPR 3 /2011


The Brain Stands Trial
How important is brain research in the context of ethics and law? Modern analytical processes such as positron emission tomography and functional magnetic resonance imaging have made it possible for the first time to establish the connection between modes of behavior and certain brain activities.

Physics & Astronomy

The Ripples in Space-Time
Albert Einstein postulated the existence of gravitational waves a century ago in his theory of general relativity, but these distortions in space-time have so far stubbornly resisted direct observation.

Biology & Medicine

The Terror of Trauma
Years after their occurrence, terrorist attacks, natural disasters and accidents continue to trigger anxiety and panic attacks in many people. Those afflicted find themselves reliving the event in nightmares or flashbacks.

Biology & Medicine

Still Scoring Touchdowns
In college they called him Stump – as in tree stump – because of his physique and his strong will. Today, former football player Samuel Young is a renowned neuroscientist.

Materials & Technology

Spies in the Service of Security
From e-mailing to online banking, the things we do on our computers on a daily basis are fraught with risks.

Environment & Climate

Climate Gives Corals an Acid Bath
Life is more abundant here than anywhere else on the planet: tropical coral reefs are the most biodiverse ecosystems in the world. But they are under threat – from acidification of the water.

Culture & Society

Field Studies in the Family Album
How strong are the ties that bind families in Europe? To answer this question, around 30 scientists set out on field studies in eight European countries.
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