From Garching Innovation to Max Planck Innovation

The technology transfer company of the Max Planck Society will operate under the new name Max Planck Innovation.

October 23, 2006

"Max-Planck-Innovation - Connecting Science and Business" is replacing the name of Garching Innovation to better reflect the close affiliation of the technology transfer unit with the Max Planck Society as well as its intermediary role between science and industry.

"Worldwide, the name of Max Planck enjoys an excellent reputation as an icon of outstanding science," says Jörn Erselius, CEO of Max Planck Innovation. "We want to profit from this high profile, and under the new name we will strengten our marketing activities not only within Germany and Europe, but also into the US and Asia."

Another goal of Max Planck Innovation is to show more presence within the Max Planck Society. "Time and again we experience that scientists of the Max Planck Society are not aware of the scope of services we offer," Erselius adds. "We support scientists from the evaluation to the marketing of their invention as well as with founding a start-up, if they want to commercialize a new technology on their own."

The results speak for themselves: during the last 15 years alone Max Planck Innovation has coached and consulted 46 spin-offs. Currently, Max Planck Innovation oversees more than 1,000 inventions and has interests in 17 companies. Each year, another 120 to 140 projects are taken on. The total proceeds for inventors, the Max Planck Institutes and the Max Planck Society currently amounts to about 200 million Euro.

With more than 35 years of experience, Max Planck Innovation is considered a pioneer of technology transfer, and the company is committed to remaining an innovator in this field. "Results of scientific research provide the basis of a country's prosperity, if they are successfully commercialized," says Prof. Dr Peter Gruss, President of the Max Planck Society. "We will join forces to make this happen and continue to create new tools and ideas that will help close the gap between scientific findings and their application in industry."

About Max Planck Innovation

Max Planck Innovation advises and supports scientists of the Max Planck Society in evaluating inventions and filing patent applications. Max Planck Innovation markets patents and technologies to industry and coaches founders of new companies based on research results from Max Planck Institutes.

Every year, Max Planck Innovation evaluates about 130 inventions, of which 80 to 100 lead to the filing of a patent application. In the last five years alone, Max Planck Innovation advised 28 spin-offs, closed more than 450 license deals and generated proceeds of more than 100 million Euros for inventors, institutes and the Max Planck Society. As a result, Max Planck Innovation is among the world's most successful technology transfer organizations.

Max Planck Innovation was founded in 1970 as Garching Instrumente GmbH and operated under the name of Garching Innovation from 1993 to 2006.

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