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Whom we are looking for:

The Max Planck Society is looking for highly motivated, highly talented and highly committed female junior scientists for its Lise Meitner Excellence Program. The graduation date of the candidates must not date back more than nine years (family-related interruptions will be taken into account). Ideally, the candidates should already have acquired first experiences as a Group Leader.

The Lise Meitner Program expressly serves the objective of counteracting an existing under-representation of female scientists in the Max Planck Society at the career level mentioned above. In a legal sense, this Program understands itself as a positive measure in favour of the under-represented gender. Applications by women therefore enjoy priority within the boundaries of what is legally permissible. Any preferential consideration of female scientists is excluded if reasons worthy of legal protection, which lie in the qualification and/or person of another candidate, prevail.

First scientific independence at an early stage of the scientific career is a prerequisite for successful participation in the Lise Meitner Excellence Program, just like the proof of outstanding innovative scientific achievements.  

Applications from female Leaders of a Max Planck Research Group and from the Max Planck Society’s Minerva Program are possible in principle, in accordance with the above-mentioned criteria.

Application procedure:

The submission of online applications for the Lise Meitner Excellence Program is possible until 18th April 2018. The following documents must be attached to the applications:

  • CV,
  • publication list,
  • current and future research statements,
  • two letters of recommendation.

Only applications and letters of recommendation written in English are accepted, since the selection committees usually include some international experts.

Moreover, all applicants in the application process are requested to indicate two Max Planck Institutes (without commitment) which would come into consideration as possible research Institutes.

All incoming applications will be viewed and examined according to the highest excellence criteria within the framework of a rigorous two-stage selection procedure. A personal selection day will probably take place in the early summer of 2018. 

Lise Meitner Group:

As a rule, the funding of the Lise Meitner Groups will start as of 1st January 2019. Each Lise Meitner Group will receive funds for personnel and material resources of its own and may use the infrastructure of the relevant Max Planck Institute. The Leaders of a Lise Meitner Group may appropriate the approved funds at their discretion.

In addition, they receive the guarantee that they will participate in a W2 tenure track procedure at the latest after five years. In case of positive evaluation, both the W2 position and the Research Group will be made permanent.

And, what is more: the names of the Lise Meitner Group Leaders will be included for further career development in the Section lists of “directorable” W3 women.

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