8th Max Planck Symposium for Alumni and Early Career Researchers "The rise of social, economic and environmental justice"


  • Start: Jul 24, 2023
  • End: Jul 25, 2023
  • Location: Harnack-Haus, Ihnestr. 16, Berlin-Dahlem
  • Host: Max Planck Society
  • Contact: birgit.adam@gv.mpg.de
8th Max Planck Symposium for Alumni and Early Career Researchers "The rise of social, economic and environmental justice"
The Max Planck Symposium is an intensive, two-day career conference serving as a platform to connect international Max Planck Alumni and Max Planck Early Career Researchers of all disciplines and Institutes. The topic of every symposium is suggested and realized by the participants themselves, who are then supported by high level experts and invited guests. Following three years of completely digital and one hybrid symposia, we had decided to conduct an exclusively onsite symposium in 2023. All participants had the opportunity to participate in exciting onsite meeting formats, such as a cultural running dinner, fireside chats and a live art performance.


Program Overview:

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Patrick Cramer – opening statement

Dustin Eirdosh – “Understanding humans, AIs and the evolution of equitable societies” (Keynote + Lego Serious Play)

Ulrike Böhm – “Open Science” (Keynote)

Eréndira N. Ramos Vázquez – “A Right to a sustainable economy? Exploring the Intersection of Human Rights, Sustainable Development, and Political Economy” (Keynote)

Andreas Reiser – “Next Level Science” (Keynote)

Verónica Zuccarelli – “Something in the way of the Green Energy Revolution: socio-environmental conflicts in the Lithium Triangle of South America” (Keynote)

Stephen Guion – “Circumnavigating the Openness Paradox and Transdisciplinary Collaboration”, “What if doughnut economics were actually a doughnut?” (Focus Talks)

Onur Çağdaş Artantaş – “Energy and commodity crisis from a legal and political perspective” (Focus Talk)

Catarina Miranda – "Reconnecting rivers, people, and nature" (Focus Talk)

Uday Shankar – “'Social Minimum Guarantee - A South Asian Perspective” (Focus Talk)

Olga Vvedenskaya – “Tackling power abuse in academia” (Focus Talk)

Mayuri Napagoda – “Indigenous knowledge to promote justice” (Focus Talk)

Stella Gerdemann – “Children’s social emotions in response to inequality” (Focus Talk)

Rajesh Kumar – "The Rise of Environmental Justice in India: Judicial Innovations and Contribution" (Focus Talk)

Tuğba İldeniz – “Biomedical engineering as socioeconomic issue” (Focus Talk)

Paul Elvers, Abir Haddad, Filippo Guarnieri – “The role of of ethics and compliance in shaping the future of AI” (Fireside chat in the garden)

Gustavo Becker, Silvia Steininger , Olivier Baillet, Bianca Nalbandian– “Are Courts The Answer? Bringing about Climate Change Justice through Adjudication of Human Rights.” (Fireside chat in the garden)

Yael Peled – “Linguistic Justice and/in Global Knowledge Production” (workshop)

Kathy Edersheim – “How do we pay for social justice?” (workshop)

Ritu Mishra – “Women's role in social and environmental justice: A multifactorial analysis” (workshop)

Rakesh Pandey – “AI for Environmental Justice: Tools and Techniques for Promoting Equity and Inclusion” (workshop)

Eliza Lvova and Kathy Edersheim – “MPAA Reads: The Culture Code by Daniel Coyle” (workshop)

Sac Nicté Medina – “FAIR Data principles for scientific data management” (workshop)

Kamalanetra Hung – “Sustainable development goals, social and environmental awareness” (Video Mapping Dance Performance)


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