"Water – more expensive than gold"

"Water – more expensive than gold"

The Max Planck Symposium for Alumni and Early Career Researchers 2021

  • Start: Sep 23, 2021
  • End: Sep 24, 2021
  • Location: Online-Event
  • Host: Max Planck Society
  • Contact: mpas@eurokongress.de
"Water, more expensive than gold"
The Max Planck Symposium is an intensive, two-day career conference serving as a platform to connect international Max Planck Alumni and Max Planck Early Career Researchers of all disciplines and Institutes. The topic of every symposium is suggested and realized by the participants themselves, who are then supported by high level experts and invited guests.

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The Max Planck Symposium is a highly interactive career event, enabling a maximum participation level for everyone. Keynotes and Workshops proposals are cordially welcome in the course of registration and the programme will then be amended constantly. Please check back here regularly for updates.

<span>Check out our short trailer and get registered for this year's Max Planck Symposium.</span>

"Water – more expensive than gold"

Check out our short trailer and get registered for this year's Max Planck Symposium.


Invited and confirmed speakers

(Updated daily)

Mischa Bonn (Director at Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research and Head of MaxWater)

Rana Kharouf (Legal adviser to the International Committee of the Red Cross)

Carolin Mai Weber (International Relations Officer, Federal Ministry for Food and Agriculture)

Bastian Pilz (Chief Biologist, Aliga Microalgae)

Roberto Mignani (Astronomer, INAF-IASF Milano)

Abir Haddad (Advisor at Resilience Frontiers, UNFCCC)

Jan Knappe (Environmental Scientist at UFZ, BlauGrün Projekt Leipzig)

Nicola Maher (Atmospheric and Ocean Scientist at University of Colorado Boulder)

Laura Kogler (Head of Training and Knowledge Management at SCRIPTORIA London)

Marloes Penning de Vries (Assistant Professor at Faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation (ITC) of the University of Twente)

Mykola Mylenko (Centre Algatech, Institute of Microbiology, Czech Academy of Sciences)

Uday Shankar (Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee | University of Roorkee · Division of Polymer Science and Technology)

Ali Al-Sawalmih (Director of the Marine Science Station, University of Jordan) 

Sebastian Beeg (Doctoral Researcher, MPI for Chemical Energy Conversion)

Kathy Edersheim (Advisor to the Max Planck Alumni Association, IMPACTRICS)



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