Widen your horizons - then return to head up your own research group

After completing their doctoral thesis, successful scientists are given the opportunity to gather valuable experience abroad.

This is the purpose of the Otto Hahn Awards (formerly known as Otto Hahn Groups). From the group of students who are awarded the Otto Hahn Medal each year, three persons are selected. Following international work experience, they are offered the opportunity to head up a research group at a Max Planck Institute.

The Otto Hahn Medal, which comes with prize money of 7,500 euros, is awarded once a year – at the general meeting of the Max Planck Society – to up to 30 young scientists. The heads of the Max Planck institutes may nominate their candidates for the medal. Anyone who has completed his or her doctoral thesis before turning 30 may be put forward. The chances of being awarded a medal are increased if the work has been presented in a prestigious publication. The prize is intended to encourage high-calibre junior scientists to continue a promising career in research.

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