Research highlights 2023

December 19, 2023

Many publications by Max Planck scientists in 2023 were of great social relevance or met with a great media response. We have selected 12 articles to present you with an overview of some noteworthy research of the year

Heat stress in Europe
Extreme heat and drought could come earlier than previously assumed according to climate simulations more
Collective intelligence makes fewer diagnostic errors
A fully automated method significantly increases diagnostic accuracy more
Cardiac regeneration becomes possible
In mice reprogramming of energy metabolism restores cardiac function after infarction more
Support for diversity
Majority of the German urban population sees socio-cultural diversity in a positive light more
Electricity driving life
Using a metabolic pathway, energy-rich resources can be produced via the power of electricity more
Plain at sunset, traces of satellites crossing each other in the sky are drawn over white tiles distributed over a large area. An artistic representation of a satellite is depicted at regular intervals on the tracks.
Satellite operator SpaceX cooperates with radio astronomy more
Head rotation at the click of a mouse
AI method “DragGAN” promises to revolutionize digital image processing more
Green steel produced with ammonia
Ammonia synthesized in sun-rich countries could facilitate sustainable iron- and steelmaking more
Demonstration with small tribune, in front of it a sign with the inscription "Wenn die Regierung das Volk fürchtet, herrscht Freiheit" - meaning "When the government fears the people, freedom reigns"  - and a staff with a rubber mask with the facial features of Angela Merkel
Team of researchers examines common core of populist and conspiracy mentalities more
A girl holds a donut in front of her face.
Why we can't keep our hands off chocolate bars and co. more
Reconstruction of a hunter-gatherer associated with the Gravettian culture (32,000-24,000 years ago), inspired by the archaeological findings at the Arene Candide site (Italy).
Large-scale genomic analysis documents the migrations of Ice Age hunter-gatherers over a period of 30,000 years more
A coloured network that resembles a vortex with a central tightening. The outer areas of the vortex appear blue-greyish with magenta-white islands, while the circular core area appears in deep blue.
James Webb Space Telescope unveils star formation in gas and dust networks of other galaxies more

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