Fourfold success

Four scientists can look forward to additional funding in this year's ERC Advanced Grants

March 31, 2023

Over 1,600 funding applications reached the European Research Council (ERC) this year. Only a fraction of them were successful: 218 applications will be funded w​ith an Advanced Grant this year. Among them are four scientists from the Max Planck Society.

Biology & Medicine

Chemistry, Physics, Technology

  • Sami K. Solanki, MPI for Solar System Research
  • Sven Sturm, MPI for Nuclear Physics

The MPG's success rate this year is one quarter, which means that the Max Planck Society shares first place with the Helmholtz Association in Germany, despite the steep decline compared to 2022, when the success rate was 48 percent. In a European comparison, the MPG comes in fourth place. As in the previous year, the French scientific organization CNRS is the frontrunner with a total of twelve grants.

In total, the grants are distributed among 20 countries. With 37 grants acquired, Germany leads the ranking. It is followed by the United Kingdom (35 grants) and France (32 grants).

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