Double success with ERC synergy grants

On October 25, 2022 the winners of the Synergy Grants of the European Research Council (ERC) 2022 were announced

October 26, 2022

​​​Two scientists from the Max Planck Society, each working in a team with colleagues from other institutions, have won one of the European Research Council's (ERC) much coveted and highly endowed Synergy Grants 2022. In total, 29 applications were approved from the 360 submitted across Europe. This corresponds to a success rate of 8.1 percent.

The following two Max Planck researchers were successful in the latest round of ERC synergy grants:

Chemistry, Physics and Technology Section:

Mischa Bonn, MPI for Polymer Research, together with Lyderic Bocquet (CNRS) and Angelos Michaelides (University of Cambridge).

In the "n-AQUA" collaboration, the researchers will jointly investigate the quantum mechanical properties of "nano-water" over the next six years. An understanding of these phenomena is crucial for technological applications such as hydrogen production and water purification.

Humanities Section:

Mikko Myrskylä, MPI for Demographic Research, together with Siri Eldevik Haberg (Norwegian Institute of Public Health) and Cecilia Ramlau-Hansen (Aarhus University).

In the BIOSFER project, the researchers are collaborating with the shared scientific vision of unraveling the biological and social causes of declining fertility in modern societies.

About the Synergy Grants 2022

ERC Synergy Grants support projects consisting of a group of two to four individual scientists. They can in turn employ scientists of any nationality as team members. It is also possible to select one or more team members from third countries. The Synergy Grants can be funded with up to 14 million euros in individual cases for a period of six years.

The 29 projects involve 90 top European scientists*. Germany (23), France (22) and Israel (7) are the countries where most of the top researchers will work within the framework of the Synergy Grants.

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