In this picture, two heads are schematically shown overlapping. One of the heads is filled with circuits. A symbolic image for artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) today sometimes beats even the shrewdest experts - and yet is inferior to any toddler. Especially when it comes to recognising complex patterns in large amounts of data, AI is hard to beat. It is being used in more and more areas and can make our lives easier in many areas. However, it now also often makes decisions with far-reaching consequences for people. This places special demands on its reliability and transparency, and also raises ethical questions.

An interdisciplinary team develops a neural network to improve the interpretation of gravitational wave data more

Artificial intelligence for materials design

Max Planck scientists explore the possibilities of artificial intelligence in materials science and publish their review more

Artificial Intelligence from a psychologist’s point of view

Researchers test cognitive abilities of the language model GPT-3 more

Symbiosis between humans and artificial intelligence?

The evolution of humans and artificial intelligence could one day be intertwined more

Puzzle pieces flying out of a mouth

New findings enable early diagnosis and individual therapy more

Christian Theobalt (wearing a light green shirt an jeans) is standig on an upper floor of the Max Planck Institute for Informatics which is open to inside. His hand rests on the steel banister of a rectangular gallery.

Max Planck Institute for Informatics and Google engage in a strategic research partnership more

a side-face stone sculpture of Minerva (roughly five meters high) on the left side of the glass entrance of an office building

The cooperation strengthens application-related research on artificial intelligence in Germany more

Artificial intelligence predicts eye movements

Scientists develop a software that can be used in combination with MRI data for research and diagnosis more

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