Galileo Galilei

The Italian polymath – philosopher, astronomer, mathematician, physicist, engineer and talented author – Galileo Galilei was born more than 450 years ago. The Renaissance man of Pisa, a man of many talents, already became a legend in his own time.

The Renaissance man from Pisa

A man of many talents, Galileo Galilei was a pugnacious and committed scientist who achieved world renown even in his own day more

An organ pipe as a telescope

How the mathematics professor Galileo became a passionate telescope builder and enthusiastic sky watcher more

Defeated by the tides

The Copernican worldview has prevailed - not, however, Galileo’s theory of the tides. more

“Galileo personifies revolutionary historical change”

Interview with Max Planck Director Jürgen Renn on the importance of the Italian scholar who was born 450 years ago more

The antenna in the valley

The construction of the 100-metre radio telescope four decades ago bears witness to the fine art of engineering more

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