Young scientists from all over the world

Young scientists from all over the world

The 84 Max Planck Institutes are fully committed to educating and promoting the next generation of scientists.

What makes the Max Planck Society such a successful, international research organisation?

  • Together with local universities, we run more 60 International Max Planck Research Schools (IMPRS), where young scientists may complete a well-structured doctoral studies programme under excellent conditions.
  • Junior scientists – the best from around the world – may be offered to head a Max Planck Research Group or an Otto Hahn Group. All these positions are announced and assigned through open competition.
  • Thanks to targeted support, the number of junior scientists and guest researchers has increased by more than 80 percent since 1998 and now amounts to approximately 7800. The number of female scientists has also grown significantly since 2000, thanks to the Minerva Programme.

In addition, we regularly offer positions and grants which are available to any applicant, even from outside the specific career path.

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