Inauguration of the first transatlantic Max Planck Research School

IMPRS for Brain and Behavior takes up its activities

October 29, 2015

A new, cutting-edge Ph.D. training and research program in the neurosciences is recruiting its first students in March 2016. The International Max Planck Research School (IMPRS) for Brain and Behavior will be the first IMPRS to unite Max Planck Institutes and their university partners on both sides of the Atlantic. The scientific focus of the research school is to understand organizational principles of the brain that underlie behaviour. Jason Kerr, a scientific director of the research center caesar in Bonn, is the chair of the graduate school.

Together with the Max Planck Florida Institute of Neuroscience, the University of Bonn, and Florida Atlantic University, the research center caesar, an Institute of the Max Planck Society, has inaugurated an International Max Planck Research School (IMPRS for Brain and Behavior). One unique feature of this transatlantic school is that students will take courses and attend scientific symposia at the partner institutions in Bonn, Germany, and Florida, USA, with all expenses covered. IMPRS students will therefore be exposed to a scientific culture of cooperation and an exceptional group of internationally renowned scientists, allowing them to develop a unique level of knowledge and skills.

The topic of the IMPRS for Brain and Behavior addresses a central question in biology: How do brains of animals encode information from the outside world, and how is this translated into an interaction with the environment? It is only recently that the necessary tools are becoming available to address this question. In particular, new technologies allow unprecedented access to circuits within the brain of awake animals. The purpose of the IMPRS program is to provide students with both theoretical and hands-on training in these advanced neuroscience techniques.

The first Ph.D. students will be recruited during an international symposium to be held in March 2016 in Bonn.


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