MPR 1 /2010


Ideas for a Diversity Inventory
Rethinking biodiversity research.

Physics & Astronomy

Heaven on Earth
Astrophysicists use laboratory equipment to simulate chemical reactions that take place in distant interstellar clouds.

Biology & Medicine

Dragnet Investigation in the Virus Kingdom
A computer program helps identify the pathogen responsible for a flu epidemic before it spreads around the globe, giving vaccine developers a valuable head start.

Material & Technologie

Magic Spheres from Oil and Water
Polymer researchers have found a way to construct versatile nanoparticles that could also serve as vehicles for active agents.

Diving into Surfaces
Personal Portrait: Sylvie Roke - The experiments for her doctoral studies did not work out quite as planned the first time around. After switching gears and continued work, however, Sylvie Roke opened up a completely new perspective on soft matter. At the Max Planck Institute for Metals Research, she also uses this method to investigate potential new drugs and biological materials.

Environment & Climate

Agriculture Is Plowing Up the Climate
Through agriculture and livestock farming, mankind had an impact on the climate even before the Industrial Revolution, albeit to a much smaller extent than today.

Culture & Society

How the Laser Came to Light
It took decades for the laser to become established in CD players, cutting robots and as a scalpel – its development shows how a new technology takes hold.
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