MPR 4 /2010


Between Theory and Intuition
How important are social scientists’ forecasts for political decisions? A critical analysis.

Physics & Astronomy

Physics in the Balance
Researchers use clever methods to weigh even tiny atomic nuclei; and in doing so, help to shed light on key questions in physics.

Biology & Medicine

Lost in Transcription
How does HIV get a host cell to produce viruses? Researchers are looking for the key in order to develop efficient therapies.

Age Touches a Nerve
Personal Portrait: Philipp Khaitovich

Material & Technology

Blood Samples Undergo Nanotesting
Researchers aim to revolutionize blood sample analysis with highly sensitive diagnostic chips.

Environment & Climate

Unicellular Organisms with an Appetite for Oil
Some species of bacteria even feed on oil. Microbiologists are studying these tiny creatures that thrive in unusual habitats.

Culture & Society

Building Blocks for a New Life
Individual social therapy can help reduce the risk of relapse among sex offenders.
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