Max Planck Society hosts “Green Talent” winners

International young researchers research gain insight into the fields of sustainable development

December 05, 2011

Young scientists from all over the world who are seeking solutions for the advancing climate change and who are developing sustainable strategies for the preservation of our natural environment are invited to Max Planck Society and its technology transfer organization Max Planck Innovation today. The winners of the prestigious "Green Talents" competition of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) have the opportunity to gather specific information about research activities on-site and learn about opportunities for cooperation.

Germany has a leading role in climate research and climate modelling. However, with current technologies we will not be able to overcome the global challenges such as climate change, threatened biodiversity, soil degradation and shortage of resources and energy.

With the "Green Talents" competition the BMBF has now awarded talented young researchers from around the world specialising in the area of sustainable development. The award, which is under the patronage of Federal Minister Annette Schavan, is aiming at providing important funds for the development of sustainable innovations in research and development and increasing collaborations with outstanding researchers throughout the world. Germany´s innovative power in this area is especially attractive for young international scientists who can benefit from the exchange with a strong partner.

The 20 winners who are doing research in fields of e.g. mechanical engineering, bioprocess engineering, botany, desert studies, environmental and water quality engineering, geography as well as urban planning are taking part in a 3 hour programme at Max Planck Innovation and the Max Planck Society. They will be informed about the research in the fields of sustainable development at the institutes and how the technologies are being transferred to industry and have the chance to meet and exchange views with leading experts. Touring through Germany the Green Talents will also visit other research institutions, leading universities and companies active in the field of sustainable development.

Here you find more information about the “Green Talents” competition:

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