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Stuttering: Stop signals in the brain prevent fluent speech
A hyperactive network inhibits the flow of speech more
Defence at almost any price
The efforts of bacteria in their defence against predators is so great that they can barely invest resources in offspring more
Anti-stress compound reduces obesity and diabetes
FKBP51-protein inhibitors could be used for treating diabetes more
Crowding in the skin

Crowding in the skin

News December 11, 2017
Stem cells sense neighbourhood density to make decisions on their behaviour more
Pictures in your head – The secret of beautiful poems
The more a poem evokes vivid sensory imagery, the more we like it more
Every grain of sand is a met­ro­polis for bac­teria
A single sand grain harbours up to 100,000 microorganisms from thousands of species. more
Beautifully sad

Beautifully sad

News December 04, 2017
A new study shows why we enjoy negative emotions in film and art more
A rapid transition of the world’s energy systems
Jürgen Renn, Robert Schlögl, Christoph Rosol and Benjamin Steininger present a research initiative of the Max Planck Society on socio-technical aspects of energy transformation. more
Recipe for a comet
Rearchers analyse which chemical elements make up comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko more
<p>13 Max Planck researchers win EU funding</p>
13 researchers from the institutes of the Max Planck Society, including five women scientists, have been awarded prestigious European Research Council (ERC) Consolidator Grants. They each receive up to two million euros for their research projects. more
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