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The evolution of language? There’s an app for that!
A new app aims to shed light on the evolution of language more
Savanna chimpanzees suffer from heat stress
Regulating their body temperature to prevent overheating is a burden for chimpanzees living in the African savanna more
Stone age hepatitis B virus decoded
Study recovers oldest viral genomes, and shows the hepatitis B virus has been circulating in Europe for at least 7,000 years more
Hostility towards minorities can be contagious
If people act hostile towards other ethnic groups, they easily find imitators more
Giant swirls on the Sun
The waves that now have now been found on the Sun are similar to those controlling weather on Earth more
Inauguration of centre for research into animal migrations
A new joint research centre of the Max Planck Society and Yale University will promote the study and protection of biodiversity more
Microbes with a reserve pack of sulfur
In the open sea, the bacterium Thioglobus perditus gains energy from sulfur more
Stratmann on the EU budget: “Priority for research is a positive signal”
From a science perspective, the basic structure of the EU financial plan is to be welcomed, according to Max Planck President Martin Stratmann. After all, less money is to go to funding agriculture, and more is to be invested in student exchanges, research and innovation — in brief, the future. more
Tracing cerebral cortex evolution
Molecular atlases of turtle and lizard brains shed light on the evolution of the human brain more
Mortality already improved in the GDR
German reunification was not the only factor responsible for the rapid increase in life expectancy in East Germany. more
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