Max Planck Symposium 2016 for Alumni and Early Career Researchers

Max Planck Symposium 2016 for Alumni and Early Career Researchers

Events in Berlin

  • Start: Aug 22, 2016
  • End: Aug 24, 2016
  • Location: Harnack-Haus (Haupteingang), Ihnestr. 16, Berlin-Dahlem
  • Host: Max-Planck-Gesellschaft
  • Contact:
Max Planck Symposium for Alumni and Early Career Researchers
For the first time in the history of the Max Planck Society, the Max Planck Symposium for Alumni and Early Career Researchers brought together its alumni and active early career researchers of all disciplines, sections and institutes, to meet and develop a lasting partnership way beyond their Max Planck time.

Underlining the steady objective of the Max Planck Society to maintain a close connection with her former employees and to foster the exchange between active early career researchers and alumns*, approximately half of the 200 participant's slots were filled by Max Planck alumns and members of the Max Planck Alumni Association e.V. (est. 2015).

The programme consisted of key notes, lectures and workshops – given by both a line-up of the most experienced and motivating alumn relations and networking professionals, within and outside of the Max Planck Society, as well as alumn volunteers. Furthermore, we provided manifold opportunities for hands-on interaction, during participant-organized workshops, unconferences, a career fair and social events. 

In order to ensure a most stimulating experience for everyone, we underwent a fairly competitive selection procedure. All registrants were asked to fill out a short questionnaire where they emphasized their specific interest in the Max Planck Symposium for Alumni and Early Career Researchers. In total, 200 participants from over 20 different countries had been accepted as participants. 

* To include all genders and facilitate transparent communication, alumni and alumnae will be referred to as alumns, henceforth and throughout the conference.

Participant's feedbacks:

„Thanks again for organizing such an eye-opening conference!”

“It was a great opportunity to meet and hear the thoughts of others and with so much enthusiasm!”

“You did a fantastic job planning every item from major to details throughout the alumni conference. Kudos! It was a pleasure to speak to and with our Planckies, who came from such wide range of career and experience”

“That was a really nice meeting in Berlin and I hope you would receive many positive feedback. I wish you many success in the future. We would be very happy to be in contact for future collaboration and organization if any.”

“Congratulations to a very successful meeting and hopefully the starting point of a growing and influential Max Planck Alumni Association. I really enjoyed the days in Berlin which gave me the opportunity to not only meet alumni from so different parts of the world and backgrounds but also the chance to interact with motivated MPI researchers. It was inspiring and a lot of fun!”

“Again, thank you very much for initiating and organizing the Symposium. It has been a great event and I'm convinced everyone else felt kind of the same way as me.”

“After having left MPI for Plasma Physics after my thesis 25 years ago it was really a great event for me with very many enriching encounters and discussions. In any case I will follow your work with big interest and I already look forward to attending the next symposium.”

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