Planck Academy

Planck Academy

The Max Planck Society offers all employees Max Planck-wide, target-group-specific opportunities for further training and personal career development. Whether special welcome and support offers for managers, coaching for directors or postdocs, professional and personal career development for early career researchers or advanced training opportunities for science managers - the Planck Academy bundles all these offers under one roof.

New learning formats: It depends on the mixture

Access is easy and user-friendly. Various learning, development and network formats are used, as are presence and online formats, coaching, mentoring and self-reflection tools. In the Planck Academy, presence formats are linked with virtual offerings, for example with e-learning modules, how-to videos or webinars. The basis for this is the Learning Management System (LMS).

People-centred approach

The Planck Academy has a clear vision: to offer all employees the opportunity to learn more about themselves, to expand and deepen what they have learned, to discover new things and to broaden their own horizons of experience. And all this in a positive working atmosphere in the spirit of the Max Planck Community.

In practice, this means accompanying employees in such a way that they can carry out their tasks in the best possible way right from the start and make optimum use of their skills in the course of their career development. A mixture of suitable formats for exchange, community building, knowledge transfer and support through various career phases is provided for this purpose.

The projects currently focus on leadership, talent management, onboarding and diversity.

Max Planck Leaders

The Max Planck Society is a diverse community of scientists, students, employees in administration, technology, workshops, service and support personnel and our guests. Our understanding of values is based on being respectful to one another, on honest and ethical behaviour and maintaining integrity in the workplace, as well as transparent, respectful communication internally and externally. These principles and others are set forth in the Max Planck Code of Conduct.

The aim of the Max Planck Leaders Program is to provide leaders with various formats such as coaching, mentoring and seminars and to jointly reflect on and further develop principles for leadership understanding and leadership roles.

Diversity in everyday working life

The decentralised institute structure, scientific sections, regionality, internationality of the staff, scientific and non-scientific activities, age structures and organisation-specific career levels - all this makes Max-Planck an organisation of diversity.

Since 2010, the Max Planck Society has been a member of the nationwide Diversity Charter. By signing the charter, the MPG has committed itself to creating a working environment in which all employees are equally valued and encouraged, regardless of nationality, ethnic origin, religion or belief, disability, age, sexual orientation or identity.

Welcome Onboarding – giving employees a headstart from day one

More than 23,000 employees from all over the world work in the 84 institutes and facilities in Germany and abroad. In order for their ideas and potential to unfold freely, it is important that new hires have an easy transition into the MPG, get fully acquainted with the organisation's culture and see themselves as part of the Max Planck community. Many institutes have established International Offices and Welcome Centers to make this possible, especially for researchers from abroad. Some have networked regionally with other organizations on dual career issues. The task now is to combine existing offers and close gaps in demand. In the future, new employees should already benefit from target-group-specific offers for onboarding before starting work. In this way, integration should be faster, easier and more sustainable.

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